Justin Salyers


About Me

I am obsessed with technology. I absolutely love the concept of having the world's information readily accessible at my fingertips. I believe that any dream or goal can be accomplished as long as you truly set your mind to it.

I am available 24/7- anytime that you need I will be able to comply. I am great at writing, web development (coding), and technical support (both software and hardware). I have designed and developed a social network by myself. I also maintain a WordPress blog and a few Android applications.

Work Experience

Amazon Fulfillment SDF8


I worked at an Amazon Fulfillment Center for a few months. I was hired in during their Peak Season, converted to full time, but then realized that a warehouse job was not meant for me. I was trained to pick items for customer orders and stow items into bins for the vendors. It was a ten hour shift with a thirty minute lunch and two fifteen minute breaks.



Currently, I am exploring the world of freelancing. At TextBroker, I write articles for clients based strictly on instructions that they provide to me. I've learned how to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and have been rated as "excellent" by a client.


Scottsburg High School

August 2014 - June 2018

Indiana Core 40 Diploma

I graduated from my high school with the honor of being magna cum laude.



I built a small social-network that has been used for many years, with my knowledge in coding. I designed and coded the website entirely by myself. I have modified and updated the site multiple times as it has progressed.

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An online blog that my fiancé and I launched together. We both write for it with the intention of pushing out content with personality.

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I am available immediately for hire.

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